Exceedances of the indicator nitrogen-ammonium in the water near Kamen Bryag have been reported

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During the monitoring of sea waters carried out on 16.10.2021 in a coastal point 60 m south of the stranded ship "Vera Su" and from a point next to the bow of the ship, three water samples were taken from the sea waters.

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Exceedances in the values ​​of nitrogen-ammonium and nitrogen-nitrite were found in both points, the most serious being the increase in the value of nitrogen-ammonium in the waters near the bow of the ship (0.352 mg / l), the Ministry of Ecology announced.

So far, the measured values ​​of nitrogen-ammonium showed retention in the range 0.030-0.050 mg / l, while yesterday's samples showed an excess of more than three times the trend in the coastal point (0.114 mg / l at 07:40 and 0.143 mg / l in 17:30) and over 7 times at the ship.

The measured concentration of nitrogen-nitrite is as follows: at point 60 m south at 07:40 it is 0.0083 mg / l, at 17:30 it is 0.0074 mg / l; at the point at the bow of the ship - 0.0094 mg / l.

The results of the inspection were immediately notified to the Maritime Administration Executive Agency and the Regional Coordination Headquarters.

MoEW teams continue to monitor the state of the waters in the Black Sea on a daily basis in the immediate vicinity of the stranded ship and remain ready to assist during the next landing operation of the ship.



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