Bulgaria wants a clear plan for Vera Su before admitting the rescue company to the ship

The Ministry of Ecology and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have started a 7-point water monitoring within a radius of 1 km around the stranded vessel

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Bulgaria will sign the documents and will allow the rescue company hired by the owner of the court to the stranded near Kamen Bryag, but when a clear plan for actions on the rescue operation is presented and approved. This was announced by the Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev before the Deputy Ambassador of Turkey to Bulgaria Erman Topcu. The two held an emergency meeting in connection with the critical situation and continued Alexiev's talks yesterday with a representative of the Turkish shipowner.

Our Minister of Transport has set a condition for strict control over the commitment and obligation of the ship owner to present a timely adequate plan to save the ship and prevent environmental pollution in accordance with Bulgarian and European legislation. He also stressed that the Bulgarian state continues to manage the rescue operation and has mobilized equipment, including for the evacuation of the crew, and the situation is currently under control, but additional urgent and adequate measures are needed by the ship owner.

For his part, Erman Topcu informed Alexiev that the owner of Vera Su has already provided a specialized company for the rescue of the ship and is waiting for a written confirmation from the Bulgarian side. In response, our Minister of Transport stated that Bulgaria will confirm the engagement of this type of company, but expects to be presented with a clear plan with concrete steps to deal with the situation. He also insisted on the strict implementation of the plan, as well as guarantees for the care of the crew, which are of paramount importance for our country. The Deputy Head of the Turkish Diplomatic Mission in Bulgaria has pledged that the embassy will provide the necessary assistance and will play an active role in coordinating these issues between the Bulgarian state and the Turkish ship owner.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Environment and Water Asen Lichev issued an order for the start of additional area monitoring of sea waters in the area of ​​the shipwreck, which will serve as a basis for comparison of the consequences on the environment in subsequent rescue operations. Lichev announced on Saturday, when he was visiting the scene of the incident, that such activities will begin earlier this week.

The monitoring plan was developed jointly with experts from the Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The points are selected according to the distance from the ship, the direction of the prevailing current and the forecasted meteorological situation for the next 10 days. This will allow tracking of the potential impact on the marine environment in the event of urea entering the marine waters during the restart of the ship's landing activities.

The first sampling today is with a Border Police ship. Regular water samples will be taken at 7 points in the area south and southeast of Vera Su. The first sample will be followed by weekly model surveys of coastal seawater throughout the month.

The pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, ammonium nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen will be measured.

In parallel with the additional area monitoring, the MoEW continues to monitor the state of the waters in the Black Sea on a daily basis in the immediate vicinity of the stranded ship.

This morning, the Vera Su was further strengthened by the installation of more anchors. In parallel, divers inspected the ship below the waterline, and in particular the opening breach.

According to BNT, the European Maritime Safety Agency has sent 3 special barges to unload the stranded ship. They are expected to arrive at the scene tomorrow at the earliest.



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