MRDPR: The first transmission of natural gas was registered along the Greece-Bulgaria gas connection

Minister Ivan Shishkov: During the protests against the caretaker government that we do not want to finish the construction of the gas connection, I had the feeling that I was part of another cabinet

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Source: MRDPR, archive

For the first time today, with the start of the 72-hour tests, gas should flow from Greece to Bulgaria through the interconnector. This was stated by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPR). Ivan Shishkov. He commented that he was surprised by the protests against the official cabinet, held with the argument that he did not want to complete the construction of the gas connection, since the entire Council of Ministers was engaged in the task of putting the gas connection into operation, but according to all legal requirements. "I had the feeling that I was part of another cabinet," he said, quoted by the press center of the regional ministry.

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At the moment, there are no gaps in the construction, but there is unfinished construction of the vertical layout, sidewalks and tiles. The most urgent has been completed and the executive documentation will be certified tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and after the builder has provided all the documents, act 15 will be issued. "DNSK has literally become a second supervision of the site. Every day they are in direct communication with the supervisor, every day we collect documentation, every day we demand documentation, which unfortunately they did not give us 100%", said Arch. Shishkov. He has also asked other ministers to assist with contacts with private laboratories, which are dependent on the issuance of certain certificates for the facility's commissioning. After the signing of act 15, a state reception commission will be formed immediately and the interconnector will be ready to be put into operation within a few days.

And at this moment the employees of "Automagistrali" and the toll administration are helping to restore the damage from the disaster in the villages around Karlovo, said arch. Shishkov. "The damage will most likely be extremely large, we are looking for an option along several lines to restore part of them, I am waiting for an exact list from the mayor of Karlovo, so that we can prioritize how to restore the bridges." The regional minister also announced that the water will be turned on in stages. Until yesterday there was no electricity and it was impossible for the water pumps to work. In the villages, it is necessary to make temporary connections, as well as connections from the catchment to the water network, therefore all the water supply employees are in the field and are doing everything possible to restore the water supply.

In the broadcast, Minister Shishkov also announced that the "Echemishka" tunnel will most likely be opened tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and by September 30 there is an assurance that the "Vitinya" tunnel will also be opened for traffic.

The builders of lots 1 and 3 of “Hemus” highway have already been paid, and more documents are expected from those who are building lot 2, said Arch. Shishkov and expressed hope that these three sections will be built in the old terms. He again recalled his idea to legalize the illegal construction in the 4th and 5th lot with a change in the text of the ZUT, to declare them tolerable if the construction carried out on them is suitable. "Unfortunately, for seven months, no one wanted to introduce this text to the National Assembly," commented the minister and announced that today on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, amendments to the Law on Law were published for public discussion, after which it will be submitted to the next Parliament.

Later in front of Nova TV arch. Ivan Shishkov announced that the future Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo highway will be declared a national site and the approval of a detailed development plan for the section from Ruse to Byala and the bypass of Byala is pending.



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