The gas connection with Greece will receive Act 15 next week

We do not have a refusal from the Russian "Gazprom" to resume supplies, but we do not have an answer either

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Source: Council of Ministers, archive

"We have made a request to Gazprom Export to restore supplies under the contract, Bulgaria is not a petitioner. The talks are between two equal trading partners," acting Prime Minister Galab Donev said in an interview on Nova TV in response to the question of who is leading the talks. And he confirmed that they are at the level of the commercial companies "Bulgargaz" and "Gazprom", but we still have no answer from the Russian side.

The caretaker prime minister clarified that we have not received a refusal from Gazprom to resume supplies, but we have not received an answer either.

"No, we do not have a firm refusal from Russia not to hold talks with Gazprom Export", he commented on the occasion of an interview with the German media of Energy Minister Rosen Hristov, in which it is a question of Russia's political decision not to negotiate for gas with our country.

Galab Donev said that the talks are between "Bulgargaz" and "Gazprom" and explained that the discrepancy in the information about who is leading the negotiations occurred because "there was no response to the invitation for talks". "The answer can be yes, it can be no. Bulgargaz is looking for a meeting and dialogue with Gazprom Export, the Minister of Energy is also trying to enter into a dialogue with Gazprom Export. At the moment, we do not have conversation with "Gazprom Export". The Minister of Economy indirectly participates in this dialogue", commented Galab Donev.

"We are not waiting, we are working to diversify the sources, to ensure the necessary quantities of gas at affordable prices for businesses and Bulgarian citizens", added the Prime Minister on the occasion of the non-received response from Gazprom. "We will not make compromises. If we enter into a dialogue, we will use this scheme, which is used by Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy," added the caretaker prime minister.

And announced that next week the interconnector with Greece will receive Act 15.

"We will have the opportunity for another source of gas supply, we will diversify the sources and the price will be a little better than the current one," commented the Prime Minister.

"We are working confidently to bring the energy chaos under control," Donev summarized. According to him, teamwork proved that the government knows what it is doing and how to do it. "The winter will be difficult, but we are making absolutely every effort to ensure that citizens and businesses are guaranteed the supply of gas, fuel and other necessary goods. We are working towards having concrete measures to fight inflation, something that was not being done. Money was being handed out per kalpak. In Bulgaria, inflation is over 17%, it is unbearable for the citizens. It is double compared to the average in Europe," he said.

"It is a fact that gasoline in Bulgaria is already below BGN 3. And gas has become cheaper by 30 cents on average. This is the result of the efforts we are making together with everyone and the gas association," Donev concluded.

"The European partners supported us because we are looking for opportunities to guarantee the energy security of businesses and citizens in Bulgaria," he also stated on the occasion of a meeting held with the ambassadors of the member states of the European Union. He categorically denied that we were reprimanded by the diplomats for trying to negotiate with Gazprom. "This was stated very clearly in front of them - that we are a member of the EU and NATO, a predictable partner and we work according to common rules," commented Donev. And once again he denied that we are making a turn towards Russia.



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