BAPG is discussing a project to assess the technological possibilities of using hydrogen in the gas supply

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At an extraordinary meeting held on 20.06.2024, the "Bulgarian Natural Gas Association" discussed and approved the project "Assessment of technological possibilities for the use of hydrogen in gas supply". In addition to a theoretical technological and economic assessment of the possibilities, the project also foresees the practical application of hydrogen in gas distribution networks, as well as the filling of gaps in the regulatory framework for the practical application of this innovation.

The project is in sync with the adopted "Package for the Hydrogen and Decarbonized Gas Market" part of Fit for 55, which includes a Directive and Regulation aimed at creating a regulatory framework, special infrastructure and hydrogen markets.

At the end of May, the Association elected a new Management Board and re-elected its previous Chairman - Mr. Svetoslav Ivanov - for another term. The new Management Board of the association adopted an ambitious plan to popularize the advantages of the blue fuel and for a new, even more important role of gas infrastructure and gas technologies in the energy transition.

The association has set itself the goal of creating a suitable environment for:

- The rapid and sustainable development of a modern gas transmission and gas distribution infrastructure, which, in partnership with energy from renewable sources, will guarantee the sharp reduction of greenhouse and other harmful gases at a minimal cost to society;

- Free market of all types of energy;

- Increasing energy efficiency in primary and final energy consumption;

- Maximum use of local natural gas reserves.

At the end of 2023, a BAPG team developed and presented a project for the gasification of 1 million Bulgarian households, which guarantees the achievement of half of all the goals of the energy transition with minimal public resources. With their activities, the members of the association today help an average Bulgarian household to save nearly BGN 1,200 per year on energy costs, and nationally, greenhouse gas emissions are 2 million tons less per year. Some of the largest natural gas traders are already members of the association, including and large international companies.



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