The sixth unit of the Kozloduy NPP will be shut down as a precaution for repairs

A small coolant leak and a block transformer malfunction forced the nuclear unit to be temporarily shut down

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On June 15, 2024, the sixth block of the Kozloduy NPP will be shut down for the implementation of planned preventive maintenance activities. This was announced by the nuclear power plant today. The reason for the repair was found in the process of operation of malfunctions of the oil system of the block transformer 24/400kV (the non-nuclear part of the block), as well as indications of a coolant leak in the steam generator. The amount of the pass is subject to constant control, and at the moment its value is lower than the existing limits. The shutdown was coordinated with the Electricity System Operator, taking into account the load on the national energy system and the availability of sufficient generating capacity in the country.

The continuous monitoring of the systems and facilities of the sixth unit shows that the limits set in the technological regulation have not been reached. There is no change in the radiation situation in the working premises and on the Kozloduy NPP site. The shutdown decision was taken conservatively to ensure the necessary high safety of the unit and reliable electricity supplies during the summer period.

After the implementation of the planned activities, the sixth unit will be included in the energy system of the country. The fifth unit, after completion of the planned annual maintenance, was connected to the electricity system on June 10, 2024 and, after reaching 100% capacity, operated according to the production schedule.



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