Glavbolgarstroy hosted an expert meeting of the international team of the research project MOBICCON-PRO

Innovative circular construction solutions were presented at the construction site of the German Embassy in Sofia

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The Bulgarian company Glavbolgarstroy hosted a meeting-seminar of the international team of the consortium engaged in the implementation of the research project MOBICCON-PRO. The meeting was held at the construction site and the demolition site of the old building of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sofia. Glavbolgarstroy is the head of the research and development project funded by the European Horizon Europe program. The focus of the project is effective circular solutions to reduce the consumption of raw materials in the construction industry. During the meeting, selective demolition practices were presented and discussed, which is an important step in the processing of materials from the former Embassy before being recycled at the MOBICCON-PRO installation site.

The event was attended by representatives of leading universities and research centers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Denmark and France, including construction engineers, construction managers and architects. Their visit to the construction site began with a safety briefing. Participants watched the demolition process up close, which is a crucial phase in the new embassy and parking lot construction project. The safety framework scaffolding and the introduced safety measures are the basis of Glavbolgarstroy's commitment to high standards in the work process.

Experts also had the opportunity to get a close look at the meticulous demolition and selection process, including dismantling of installations, demolition of masonry walls, and various carefully planned steps to reduce waste generated and optimize recycling opportunities.

Demonstrations on the construction site covered both heavy machinery, which showed the advanced processes and technologies applied by the company, as well as the application of equipment such as a wall-cutting machine and a cutting robot. Visitors watched as the mobile crane and excavator performed essential tasks of separating reinforcement from concrete and transporting the materials to the specialized recycling plant. These state-of-the-art machines demonstrated the precise and safe separation of structural elements and the company's modern approach to the demolition process of the Embassy building.

In a subsequent meeting of the consortium at the office of Glavbolgarstroy to discuss the progress of the project, reports were presented on the various activities focused on the creation of a regional territorial circular center, selective demolition practices, pilot treatment of construction and demolition waste and the development of innovative construction products. The closing expert discussions highlighted the importance of the exchange of experience between the countries. The participants appreciated the importance of joint efforts for the successful implementation of the MOBICCON-PRO project and for the exchange of expertise in reducing the environmental footprint of construction activities.

The meeting in Sofia highlighted Glavbolgarstroy's leadership in sustainable construction practices. By demonstrating innovative recycling techniques and promoting collaborative efforts, this event marked another step towards a greener future for the construction industry in Bulgaria and the South East Europe region.



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