GERB's convincing victory in the elections, EPP rejoices in Europe

There will be new final formations both in the Bulgarian Parliament and in the EP

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The GERB party convincingly won the elections for the national and European Parliament with a significant lead over the next party. According to the preliminary results, the second political force in the 50th National Assembly will be DPS, with a very small lead over "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria". They are the ones with the biggest drop among those who voted today. The third place is contested by the "Vazrazhdane" party, which has a close result with that of the DPS and PP-DB, according to various sociological surveys. It is possible that the hitherto unknown “Velichie” party will also enter the new Parliament. The official count of the data is expected to continue through the night.

According to the final data from the exit poll of "Market LINKS", presented on bTV, GERB-SDS wins the parliamentary vote with 28.4%, second are DPS, which take 15.6%, "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" remain third with 15. 4%. "Vazrazhdane" takes 13%, BSP - 8%, and ITN are the last to enter the parliament with 6.7% support.

According to the agency, this means that GERB will have 78 deputies, and DPS - 43, or a total of 121. That's the least they need in our 240-seat parliament to have a majority. The leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, however, has already given a request that he will not govern only with DPS. PP-DB would have 42 representatives in the National Assembly, and "Vazrazhdane" - 36. BSP takes 22 seats, and ITN - 18.

According to the final results of the Market Links exit poll, the distribution of votes for the political forces according to the vote for the European elections is:

GERB-SDS - 28.2% (5 MEPs)

PP-DB -16.2% (3 MEPs)

DPS - 15% (3 MEPs)

"Vazrazhdane" - 13.3% (3 MEPs)

"BSP for Bulgaria" - 8% (2 MEPs)

"There is such a people" - 6.7% (1 MEP)

Voter turnout was 33.6%. "I do not support anyone" was noted by 4.1% of those who voted.

The elections in Europe - a convincing victory of the EPP, but also many extreme parties

The EPP won first place in the Euro vote and retains its majority in the EP, according to initial data. The EPP headquarters were jubilant tonight.

"Today is a good day for the EPP - we won the European elections. We are the strongest party and we are the anchor of stability in Europe," said the former President of the EP and candidate for a second term Ursula von der Leyen to journalists. She promised to build a fortress against extreme political forces, BTA informed.

"Together, with others, we will build a fortress against the extreme left and right," Von der Leyen vowed.

"Tonight it was confirmed: the EPP is the strongest political group... We won the European elections," she added.

"The voters recognized our leadership for the last five years. This is a very good message for us, thank you. First of all, I thank the voters who trusted us and who rely on us. But there is one special person I want to thank - Manfred Weber - the chairman of our party. It wouldn't have happened without you. We were dedicated and we won the European elections. We were convincing and the voters united," said von der Leyen, quoted by BNT.

"The EPP is still the largest group, we won the elections. The question now is whether there can be a reasonable pro-European majority," said EPP chairman Manfred Weber.

In his words, the EPP is "the best way against right-wing extremism in Europe". At a press conference in the EP in Brussels, he called for interaction with the socialists and democrats, and with the liberals.

And he pointed out that von der Leyen will work for the future of Europe.



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