TIME magazine notes the positive steps of the transforming Bobov dol TPP

Where others see threats, Lyubomir Spasov sees opportunities

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"Bulgaria - Future of Focus" - that's how the authoritative magazine Time titled the page dedicated to TPP Bobov dol in its May issue.

"Coal has long occupied a central place in energy security and is a pillar of the Bulgarian economy." it is noted there, but even without taking into account the challenges of the Covid pandemic, the Bobov dol thermal power plant sets itself the task of coping. With approximately 850 employees, the plant is responsible for the production of about 4% of Bulgaria's energy.

"The honor given to TPP Bobov dol to be presented in the most circulated and one of the most influential magazines in the world - TIME, is, on the one hand, confirmation that the path we have taken, transforming ourselves, is correct, and on the other hand, the obligatory to bring things to an end, the same commitment we have made to the people of the region," said the executive director Eng. Lyubomir Spasov.

The material says that Eng. Lyubomir Spasov, executive director of TPP Bobov dol, is determined to be part of the radical transformation of the Bulgarian energy industry.

"We are setting an example for the other thermal power plants that are now following us," says engineer Lyubomir Spasov to TIME magazine and more:

"Our solar energy park is the first in the country built by thermal power plants. We were the first to introduce biofuel, replacing coal…”

"It says a lot about the character of Eng. Lyubomir Spasov that he saw this as an opportunity and not as a threat," notes the authoritative magazine.

"It gives me great pleasure to know that I will be the person who transforms the TPP Bobov dol into a new type of next-generation, environmentally friendly power...Within the next five to ten years, we will be like this, producing all our energy from sustainable sources such as biofuels and solar energy. The Bobov dol thermal power plant is also working in partnership with General Eelectric for the supply and installation of two hydrogen gas turbines, another first step for the Bulgarian coal mining industry."

On another front, Eng.Lyubomir Spasov has a mission to make sure that during this transition the Plant meets the strict requirements of the country's environmental protection legislation.

"We look very differently now than before," he says.

With a master's degree in economics and chemical engineering, Eng. Lyubomir Spasov fully understands the importance if the TPP Bobov dol can attract the foreign investors it needs to realize its full potential after coal.

"We are exploring the possibility of developing an industrial park on our land where tenants will have access to good sources of energy and water and great road and rail links," he said.

"By changing what we offer, we're also changing our brand and demonstrating that - we're moving in a new direction." We already have many positive signals from partners who we expect to come here soon to set up their production facilities," said Eng. Lyubomir Spasov.

The entire material can be read in the May issue of Time magazine, where they find a place and current positions of neighboring Greece and Serbia.



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