Minister Rosen Karadimov presented the draft strategy of the Bulgarian Development Bank for discussion

A working group of deputy ministers, employers, local authorities and trade unions discussed the new directions in the work of the bank for the next three-year period

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The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) will contribute to economic growth and sustainable investments in support of small and medium-sized enterprises, the public sector and in the implementation of national policies. This is written in the bank's three-year strategy for the period 2024-2026, the draft of which was presented today to the working group at the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.

"We propose that the BDB consolidate and further develop its functions by law, by entering more actively into the sphere of public investments. At the same time, it will be able to strengthen its support for small and medium-sized businesses, which in the new three-year period will remain the focus of the bank's work," specified the Minister of Innovation and Growth Assoc. Dr. Rosen Karadimov, who is also the chairman of the interdepartmental group.

The project of the Strategy for the activity of the BDB in 2024-2026 is being worked on in the last year, in dialogue with the Advisory Council to the Supervisory Board of the bank. The identification of public policies in which the BDB should be involved is carried out by representatives of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and seven other ministries, all nationally representative employers' organizations, the two trade unions and representatives of local authorities.

The transformation of the BDB into a national promotional bank and the steps for its transformation are part of a process that is expected to be completed beyond the planning horizon of the strategy - 2026. After the inter-ministerial discussion of the texts in it is completed, it will be submitted to the Council of Ministers.



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