Cooperation between Bulgaria and the USA is a guarantor of energy security in the region

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Cooperation between Bulgaria and the USA is a guarantor of energy security in the region

Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Bulgaria and the USA, irreversible actions have been taken to guarantee energy security in the region. The Minister of Energy Vladimir Malinov and H.P. Kenneth Merten, US Ambassador to our country. The two emphasized the key importance of the already delivered first quantities of fresh nuclear fuel produced by the American company Westinghouse for the Kozloduy NPP. "The joint efforts of the two countries gave excellent results in reducing Bulgaria's dependence on one supplier and achieving long-term diversification for the Bulgarian nuclear power plant," said Minister Malinov.

The progress in the implementation of the key project for the construction of the 7th and 8th units of the Kozloduy NPP was also discussed. It was proposed that the first meeting of the Steering Committee under the Intergovernmental Agreement between the two countries on cooperation on the project to build nuclear power at the Kozloduy NPP site and Bulgaria's civilian nuclear program be held in Washington, USA in the coming months.

"The upgrading of the existing infrastructure and regional interconnections, as well as the commissioning of the LNG terminal in Alexandroupolis, are key to achieving the goals of the European single energy market. The implementation of a Vertical Corridor for the transfer of additional quantities of gas from the south to the north, through the gas transmission networks of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Moldova will contribute to guaranteeing energy security in the wider region", emphasized Malinov. According to him, the region will continue to rely on reliable supplies of liquefied natural gas from US companies. The options for the participation of American financing institutions in the implementation process of the Vertical Gas Corridor projects were also discussed.

The focus of the conversation was the cooperation between the countries in the field of small modular reactors and solutions for base capacities in order to guarantee the security of the electricity system of Bulgaria and the region. "In the process of ensuring the work of PAVETS "Chaira", we hope to work in a constructive dialogue with the partners from the USA, who would provide us with expertise", added Malinov.



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