Minister Koritarova signs this week with 37 municipalities more than 80 project agreements for nearly BGN 36 million

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The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Eng. Violeta Koritarova, started the signing of agreements for the financing of objects with funds from the state budget under the Investment Program for Municipal Projects. Over 80 agreements with 37 municipalities will be concluded this week. The objects that will be financed through them have a total approximate value of BGN 36,000,000.

Before the mayors, Minister Koritarova noted that the objects of the technical infrastructure, the financing of which is provided, are important for the development of the regions and for the improvement of living conditions in the municipalities. "I hope this will help make them more beautiful, more welcoming and be a step in the direction of keeping the population in the regions. The goal is to speed up the development of the municipalities - the state relies on the municipalities. You are the engine for improving the quality of life," stressed Minister Koritarova. She wished the mayors to successfully complete the projects and assured them that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will continue to be their partner.

Over 1,300 applications have been reviewed. I hope that you will make every effort to realize the projects, the regional minister also said and reminded that the deadline for implementation is December 31, 2026.

Bulgarian municipalities have never had such a chance both in terms of the amount of funding and in terms of approach, because it allows us to finance through the state budget the most important projects for municipalities, which is not always the case with operational programs, said the mayor of Troyan, Donka Mihailova , who is also the vice-chairman of NSORB. She expressed hope that the regular cabinet after the elections will show statesmanship and continue the process.

Engineer Koritarova stressed that the program should not be stopped when documents are prepared. The mayor of Vratsa, Kalin Kamenov, agreed with her and noted that this could be achieved with a change in the Law on Territorial Planning, which would oblige utility companies to fully restore the infrastructure after carrying out emergency repairs. And he added that steps will be taken to bring the necessary changes to the National Assembly through the NSORB.

The regional minister reminded the mayors that after signing the agreements, they can submit a request for an advance payment to the Ministry of Regional Planning and Development. However, this should be stipulated in the contracts with the selected construction and installation contractors, Koritarova pointed out. And he added that the new applications from the municipalities for the priority projects additionally included in the program through the changes in the Law on the State Budget for 2024 are expected.

The municipalities with which agreements are signed this week are: Belitsa, Yakoruda, Burgas, Malko Tarnovo, Tsarevo, Aksakovo, Lyaskovets, Razgrad, Vratsa, Dryanovo, Teteven, Troyan, Ugarchin, Peshtera, Strelcha, Pernik, Kaloyanovo, Rakovski, Sopot, Saedinenie, Samuil, Borovo, Vetovo, Dve Mogili, Silistra, Sitovo, Kotel, Nova Zagora, Rudozem, Slivnitsa, Chirpan, Opaka, Mineralni Bani, Simeonovgrad, Harmanli, Elhovo and Knezha.



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