Hristo Kovacki: The delivery of fresh nuclear fuel from Westinghouse is a huge strategic success for Bulgaria

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The first delivery of fresh nuclear fuel produced by the Westinghouse company to the site of the Kozloduy NPP is a huge strategic success for Bulgaria. This is truly a key stage in the long-term development of bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and the USA and allows the real diversification of our energy sector and the achievement of complete independence of the functioning of the Kozloduy NPP.

Westinghouse's policy of strategic partnership with local key suppliers deserves special congratulations. The company concluded memorandums of cooperation with dozens of Bulgarian companies for joint participation in the construction of the new nuclear facilities in Kozloduy. Thousands of Bulgarian engineers, builders, workers and technical specialists are expected to be involved in the implementation of this large-scale project, and this means only one thing - more energy produced in Bulgaria, more new technologies and more jobs in our economy and more prosperity for thousands of Bulgarians families.

The fruitful cooperation between Westinghouse and its Bulgarian partners is of crucial importance for achieving a more sustainable and secure future for our entire energy sector.

Delivery of fresh nuclear fuel from "Westinghouse" goes beyond purely economic aspects and has important strategic importance for Bulgaria and in geopolitical terms. It is happening against the background of Russia's escalating aggression in Ukraine, which has divided the world once again. The continued strong support of the US and the EU for the cause and struggle of the Ukrainian people shows the importance of this war, not only for Ukrainians, but for all countries and societies in the world that have chosen freedom and democracy over dictatorship and authoritarianism.

The decision by the US House of Representatives for massive aid to Ukraine is an important decision at a pivotal time. In these geopolitical conditions of conflict and the practical rise of a new "Iron Curtain", the achievement of complete independence and the diversification of supplies for the Bulgarian nuclear energy industry is an important step guaranteeing Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic path of development.



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