Government: Loading of first Westinghouse fresh nuclear fuel cartridges begins in May

Westinghouse's fresh nuclear fuel arrived at the Kozloduy NPP site

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Government: Loading of first Westinghouse fresh nuclear fuel cartridges begins in May

The first delivery of fresh nuclear fuel produced by the American company Westinghouse is already at the site of the Kozloduy NPP, announced Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev and Minister of Energy Vladimir Malinov, who visited the plant. This is a key stage of the bilateral strategic partnership in the field of nuclear energy with our partners from the USA, we already have real diversification for the nuclear fuel for the 5th unit, noted Minister Malinov. He recalled that there is a signed contract with "Framatom" for fuel diversification and for the 6th block of the nuclear power plant. Thus, with the provision of access to reliable alternative supplies from the USA, complete independence is achieved for the Kozloduy NPP, reports the government information service.

After the Nuclear Regulatory Agency has already issued a license for the deployment and storage of the nuclear fuel from Westinghouse, a permit for its operation is expected to be issued on Monday. "We plan to gradually load the first 43 cartridges of fresh nuclear fuel produced by Westinghouse in the 5th unit of the Kozloduy NPP in May," Minister Malinov said. Prime Minister Glavchev recalled that diversification is a long process, as he personally participated in talks with "Westinghouse" back in 2009-2010.

On the territory of the plant, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy also visited the site where the 7th and 8th units of the Kozloduy NPP are planned to be built.

For Bulgaria, nuclear energy plays a key role in guaranteeing national, regional and European energy security and providing energy at affordable prices for consumers. It is the backbone of the energy system and for balancing the energy system in the entire region. The Bulgarian side strictly adheres to the commitment to achieve the highest modern standards for nuclear safety and security. In addition to fulfilling the goals of diversification and independence, the use of the new type of nuclear fuel will help to achieve pan-European decarbonization goals. The strategic partnership between Kozloduy NPP and Westinghouse contributes to the common goal of a safer, cleaner and more sustainable future.

In response to a question from the media, Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev stated that yesterday he had a conversation with President Rumen Radev regarding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "I proposed to take over the Foreign Ministry. We are waiting to see how the events will develop. If he issues a decree to take over the Foreign Ministry, I will bear political responsibility. In the current composition - with Minister Dimitrov, all political responsibility is assumed by the president", Glavchev was categorical. He assured that the preparations for the upcoming elections on June 9 are going very well. "It is important to have fair elections, as this is exactly the main task of the caretaker cabinet," added the Prime Minister.



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