PP DB requested an extraordinary session of the parliament because of the contract with "Botash"

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The PP-DB submitted a request for an extraordinary session of the parliament with a single item on the agenda - discussion and adoption of the report of the Temporary Commission regarding the agreement between "Bulgargaz" and the Turkish state company "Botash". According to Radoslav Ribarski, the report contains "extremely scandalous facts and revelations" that should not remain hidden from the public.

Martin Dimitrov, quoted by BTA, in turn insisted on urgent action. "Two urgent things must be done - to give a report to DANS and the prosecutor's office and for them to seek responsibility, and secondly - for them to start a renegotiation. It is not possible to pay a million per day without even importing gas. This must be renegotiated," are Dimitrov's reasons.

Yesterday, ITN requested a postponement of the consideration of the report in order to get acquainted with scandalous - in their words - information provided by "Bulgarian Energy Holding".

The plan of GERB is that this report will not be viewed in court and will not be given to DANS and the prosecutor's office, as PP-DB want, said Dimitrov. He believes that he should start renegotiating the contract with "Botash" because, according to him, our country is losing about a million a day without even importing gas under the contract.

The report is with the chairman of the temporary commission, Zhecho Stankov from GERB-SDS, the responsibility is now his, the deputy stressed. He has not submitted the report for a week now, given that this contract costs us a million per day, i.e. for this week, about 7 million have already been paid, explained Martin Dimitrov.



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