Deputies will decide on postponing the liberalization of the wholesale electricity market

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During today's meeting, the members of the National Assembly must consider and make a decision on the Energy Commission's proposal to postpone the liberalization of the wholesale electricity market for 1 year. Presentation of a summary report on the three submitted bills (of BSP, ITN and GERB-DPS) is expected.

During the meeting of the energy commission, the importers stated almost identical reasons for the requested postponement, namely that the reform, which will also affect about 4.7 million household consumers, must be accompanied by a comprehensive assessment of the impact on all market participants electricity (producers, households, traders). However, such an assessment is lacking at this stage. The changes, and in particular the mechanism, remain insufficiently clear and considered, and the adopted terms do not provide the necessary technological time for the implementation of the reform. In addition, there is no fund from which to compensate the affected participants in the electricity market, and there is no compensation methodology.

The necessary changes in social legislation to support energy-poor households and vulnerable consumers have also not been made. In addition, the "Security of the Electricity System" Fund is in a difficult financial situation - a deficit of BGN 1 billion due to the redirection of BGN 5.4 billion to the state budget. The amended Law on Energy also lacks texts allowing traders to participate in the market, which accordingly reduces competition.



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