Minister Karadimov to the BNR: We will work to develop a new strategy for the Bulgarian Development Bank

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In the next two months, we will work on developing a new strategy for the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). It can become the flagship of structure-determining national policies. Among its main goals is to support public policies of the state, support small and medium-sized enterprises and overcome regional disparities. This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Rosen Karadimov in "Sunday 150" on BNR.

According to him, the BBR strategy expired at the end of 2023, and its preparation must go through the Council of Ministers and a working group in which deputy ministers from all ministries will participate. "The strategy will enable this cabinet to set priorities in politics without exceeding its powers under the Constitution," Minister Karadimov also said.

He stated that he received an invitation to join the official cabinet in his capacity as chairman of the Bank's Supervisory Board. It is one of the main structures within the Ministry of Innovation and Growth. Minister Karadimov emphasized that in a year and a half he managed to make the BBR one of the most transparent institutions in Bulgaria. "I think that this is also the main reason for being invited to the official office," he also said.

Karadimov stated that upon taking office at BBR, he formed an Advisory Council, which includes the five national employers' organizations, the two national trade unions and the Association of Municipalities. "Through this Council, a link was created between business and the bank, as well as public control in the institution," the minister said. He emphasized that a month ago the report of "Transparency without Borders" was completed without any remarks, they made a full verification of all procedures and activities in the BBR. The main emphasis in the work of the international organization is the fight against corruption. Minister Karadimov stated that neither the acting minister, Alexander Pulev, nor the previous minister, Milena Stoicheva, made any attempts to influence and interfere with the Bank.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth also said that the caretaker government is politically balanced, and the change of deputy ministers is not a purge. "No one can oblige the minister in charge to work with a team that he cannot choose," stressed Karadimov.



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