ESO hosts the annual meeting of the Regional Coordination Center for the Security of Electricity Transmission Operators in South-Eastern Europe

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The regional coordination center for the security of electricity transmission operators in the countries of Southeast Europe held its first meeting in Sofia with emphasis on the results achieved in the implementation of European legislation in the field of energy, as well as the challenges facing the center's future development. The electricity transmission operator of Bulgaria, which is a shareholder in the Regional Center, is hosting the meeting. The center was established in 2020 together with the transmission operators of Greece, Romania and Italy. The Regional Coordination Center SEleNe, based in the city of Thessaloniki, started providing services to its members on July 1, 2021.

The Deputy Minister of Energy of Bulgaria, Krasimir Nenov, welcomed the participants in the meeting and emphasized its key role in ensuring the security of the electricity transmission networks of South-Eastern Europe. The services provided by the Regional Coordination Center contribute to increasing the exchange of electricity between power transmission systems, the optimal operation of the connected markets and guaranteeing supplies in the conditions of the transition to carbon neutral energy, added Krasimir Nenov.

Progress and achievements in the work of the Regional Coordination Center were the focus of the speech of its Executive Director, Yannis Kampouris. He also outlined the challenges facing the future cooperation between operators-shareholders in the Center, in view of the growing share of installed RES capacities in the conditions of a unified pan-European market.

The annual report on the services provided by the Regional Coordination Center of Electricity Transmission Operators in the countries of South-Eastern Europe clearly outlined its contribution to the security of electricity supplies at competitive prices for all consumers in the region.

The regional coordination center covers two regions for the calculation of transmission capacities - Greece-Italy and South-Eastern Europe, which determines the strategic importance of the future cooperation between the countries to achieve the European climate goals.

The hosts of the meeting, in the person of the director of the Central Dispatch Department of ESO Dimitar Zarchev and Plamen Mladenovski from EWRC, advocated in their speeches the meaning of the synchronous and coordinated interaction between the electricity transmission operators from the region for the balanced functioning of the pan-European electricity market.



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