BBR and the National Guarantee Fund are launching a new program for lending to small businesses

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BBR Leasing and the National Guarantee Fund are launching a joint program for leasing financing of micro, small and medium enterprises under reduced conditions. Companies will be able to take advantage of lease-to-purchase machinery and equipment with a 5% down payment, as well as vehicles and real estate with a 0% down payment.

Leasing financing has a ceiling of up to BGN 1.5 million and a repayment term of up to 8 years. This was announced by the bank today.

With the new BBR Leasing program, it is possible to purchase both new and used production equipment, construction and agricultural machinery, vehicles, as well as medical equipment and real estate for business purposes.

The program expands the opportunities for the implementation of innovations by Bulgarian companies and provides additional liquidity to the lessees through reduced requirements for self-participation and longer repayment terms. The aim is to facilitate access to finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and to encourage companies to modernize their production facilities.

The application deadline for the program is until the end of 2025.

BBR Leasing continues to offer relaxed financing conditions for "green" investments up to BGN 5 million under the Invest EU program, Sustainability direction. The measure targets industrial energy efficiency, energy production, low-emission mobility, sustainable use of materials and circular economy.



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