Minister Koritarova released the chairman of the Board of RIA Yasen Yordanov due to established illegal actions

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With her order, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Violeta Koritarova, released the Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency, Yasen Yordanov, following illegal actions established by an internal audit. Yordan Valchev, who is a member of the Management Board of RIA, has been appointed as the temporary executive.

Minister Koritarova made his decision to release Eng. Yordanov after getting acquainted with the report of the inspection, which found illegal signing of annexes to increase the value of contracts by up to 50%, as well as illegal awarding of activities for maintaining the republican road network on the territory of Varna and Dobrich regions.

The audit was carried out by a team of employees of the Internal Audit Directorate and the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in March 2024, pursuant to an order of the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works in the Denkov Office, Andrey Tsekov. The assignments for maintenance of the national roads have been checked. It was found that after new contracts were entered into on 22 December 2023, the ongoing repair and maintenance contracts from 28 October 2022 were automatically terminated. This makes illegal the award made on them on the territory of the two regional road administrations in the North-Eastern region after 22.12.2023. The audit also found an illegal increase with annexes of the values under the contracts from the year 2022 by up to 50 percent.

On April 1, the audit report was sent to the Chairman of the Board of RIA and the Agency for State Financial Inspection.




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