The caretaker government was sworn in before the National Assembly

President Rumen Radev issued three decrees today - for the caretaker government, for European elections and for parliamentary elections on June 9

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The 103rd government of Bulgaria was sworn in before the National Assembly. The ministers of acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev lined up from the rostrum and swore to the Constitution, and the deputies rose to their feet. President Rumen Radev and Vice President Iliana Yotova are present in the plenary hall.

The whole ceremony was over in minutes. The finale was the anthem of Bulgaria and the European Union, reported.

The next executive succession ceremony will take place today in the Council of Ministers, the government press office announced. She will be in the Granite Hall. The ceremony is scheduled to begin after the members of the official cabinet are sworn in at the National Assembly. It will be followed by handover ceremonies in the Council of Ministers and in the ministries.

Upon entering the parliament, the president made a comprehensive comment on the composition of the cabinet, admitting that he would not have appointed Kalin Stoyanov as interior minister if he had been in Nikolay Denkov's position. Radev emphasized that the acting prime minister will be responsible for the cabinet because, by virtue of the constitutional changes, he chose them.

I hope Glavchev will be able to manage these people during these two months, commented GERB leader Boyko Borisov on the sidelines. "From what I see, the old cabinet dominates, said Boyko Borisov. There are 3-4 new names," he said a minute or two after the oath.

Dimitar Glavchev proposed the project of the structure and composition of the official cabinet on April 5 in the presidency building in the presence of the head of state Rumen Radev and representatives of parliamentary represented political forces who were there for consultations.

On Tuesday morning, I will issue three decrees - for the caretaker government, for European elections and for parliamentary elections on June 9 - "two in one", explained the head of state at the time.

According to Art. 99 of the Constitution, after an agreement on a government has not been reached, the president, after consultations with the parliamentary groups and on the proposal of the candidate for interim prime minister, appoints an interim government and schedules new elections within two months, BTA recalls.

After the changes to the Constitution, the head of state can choose from among the Speaker of the National Assembly, the governor or deputy governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), the chairman or deputy chairman of the Audit Chamber and the ombudsman or his deputy.

After none of the three mandates to form a government was fulfilled, early parliamentary elections are coming.

After consultations with President Rumen Radev on the procedure for appointing an acting prime minister, the head of state appointed the chairman of the Audit Chamber, Dimitar Glavchev, as a candidate for acting prime minister.



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