Over 2,500 new jobs were created with the support of the Fund of Funds

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A fund of funds invests in opportunities, businesses and people. During the 2014-2020 program period, this was proven in practice through the financial instruments that successfully catalyzed the development of business and employment in the country. A particular achievement is the opening of over 2,500 new jobs in various sectors and areas. Over 3,500 final recipients received support through the Fund's instruments with a total resource of BGN 1.8 billion, which helped them start their own businesses and obtain financing for sustainable growth. Thanks to this support, the maintenance and expansion of employment was possible even in the difficult conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The results of the 2014-2020 program period will be presented at an information event of the Fund of Funds in May 2024. Attendees will be introduced in detail to more data and examples from the report on the implementation of financial instruments over the past multi-year framework. During the event, aggregated information will be shared on the key factors in unlocking business potential, how to create sustainable employment and address unemployment. We will learn how the proven mechanisms work for creating employment in the country, stimulating entrepreneurial initiative, diversity and competitiveness of the economy.



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