The President: The National Assembly is responsible for the political leadership of the official cabinet with constructive theses, proposals and initiatives

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Voter turnout largely depends on the work of the parliament, President Rumen Radev said today in the framework of "Dondukov" 2 consultations with representatives of the parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly, according to the wording of art. 99, para. 5 of the Constitution. The candidate for interim prime minister, Dimitar Glavchev, also participated in the consultations, to whom the president gave a mandate to form an interim cabinet, in order to present a proposal for its composition.

During the consultations, the representatives of the parliamentary groups shared their opinions on Dimitar Glavchev's proposed composition of the interim government and commented on current topics related to the governance of the country. In this regard, the head of state noted public concerns regarding state finances and the manner in which a deficit of 3% was reported at the end of last year.

"I am very concerned that this 3% deficit at the end of last year is the result of significant and peculiar financial gymnastics and forced deficit pushing, emptying the Energy System Security Fund, decapitalization of energy companies on a massive scale, playing with VAT and with the money for the municipalities," the president pointed out and called on the candidate for acting prime minister to make a thorough analysis of the state of state finances and clearly announce their state. The head of state warned that the forcibly achieved 3% deficit is in danger of growing significantly this year, as well as inflation.

The President also expressed his concerns about the way the National Assembly works in view of the amended Constitution, according to which the Parliament will not be dissolved and will continue its activities. "Parliament is entering the "survey commission - counter-survey commission" mode, and if it continues to work like this, it will at most reduce voter turnout," the head of state noted. According to him, the way in which the National Assembly works is the responsibility of all parties, including those who did not attend the consultations and those who left them prematurely. The head of state stressed that the parliament is also responsible for the political leadership of the official cabinet with constructive theses, proposals and initiatives, which have nowhere to come but from the National Assembly. The President also expressed his hope that the new caretaker government will take steps forward regarding the second payment under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, which our country has not yet received.

"After the five oaths I took to five caretaker governments in the presidency, there is already another situation according to which Art. 109 of the Constitution, which says that the government takes an oath before the National Assembly," the head of state also pointed out. He expressed his expectation for elections for the European and National Parliament on June 9, with the hope that they will be fair and with a high turnout. The President pointed out that the consultations held are a sign that it is possible to work correctly and in a civilized manner. He reminded the people's representatives that despite the repeated thesis that the responsibility of the caretaker government is only to hold fair elections, from the very first day it will have to solve important issues in the interest of the Bulgarian citizens and the country.



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