The Bulgarian artificial intelligence BgGPT is now free and open access

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The Institute for Computer Technologies INSAIT launched the Bulgarian version of artificial intelligence - BgGPT. It is now available and free in Bulgarian for the whole community and can be viewed at this address.

INSAIT also publishes the language model behind BgGPT for free use. It improves on the first version released 2 weeks ago, which is already being used by businesses. More about the model can be found on the Institute's blog: - where there is an automatic translation with BgGPT from English:

The model behind BgGPT can be quickly tuned for specific needs of an organization and with minimal computational and financial resources can reach the level of GPT-4 for a specific task.

This functionality allows Bulgarian companies and institutions to implement artificial intelligence almost for free compared to the huge costs needed to set up and use closed models (e.g., those of OpenAI). This is only the first step in the development of the revolutionary technology, which marks the beginning of a long process.

BgGPT builds on the open models, including training with multiple data in Bulgarian (so-called continuous pre-training) and a number of other innovations. Expect more powerful versions of BgGPT soon, the institute adds.

GPT-technology is a high point in the development of artificial intelligence and improves the way society interacts with information. In January of this year, the INSAIT Institute at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" announced the creation of the first language model in Bulgarian, which caused serious interest - in just a few days, thousands of citizens and hundreds of Bulgarian state and private organizations requested access to the technology and chat.

Another advantage is that BgGPT can be used entirely within an organization, thus confidential data is not shared with third parties. BgGPT builds on the open model Mistral-7B, and this process includes not only training with a lot of data in Bulgarian (the so-called continuous pre-training), but also a number of innovations that will be published in leading technological and scientific forums, bTV specifies.

Public access to the BgGPT chat and the models behind it are part of INSAIT's large-scale strategy for the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in Bulgaria. In this context, INSAIT partners with dozens of Bulgarian private and state organizations that provide public data - for example, the NRA, APIS, "Prosveta", "Lex.BG" and others.

Partnerships include providing public data on model improvement and implementing pilot projects. BgGPT series models are expected to lead to the creation of digital applications, assistants and services in a number of areas of our lives such as education, public administration, accounting and others.



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