ProCredit Bank with concrete steps towards carbon neutrality

In 2024, the bank will save over 100 tons of carbon emissions with its new electric cars

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At ProCredit Bank, we have been working to reduce our environmental footprint for years and we perceive environmental protection as part of our social responsibility. Our constant drive to implement green initiatives helps us also support our customers in implementing more sustainable business and personal practices.

5% of ProCredit Bank's cars are now electric or plug-in hybrids.

Renewing our fleet with electric cars is one of our initiatives as an environmentally responsible company. In the current year, our car fleet increased by another 10 electric cars. Thus, a total of 85% of our fleet became electrified.

On an annual basis, ProCredit Bank's electric cars will save over 100 tons of carbon emissions.

Even if the initial investment in electric cars is higher, compared to that in conventional ones, it is quickly compensated over time with both easier maintenance and lower electricity consumption. Part of it is produced by the Bank's own photovoltaic installations, and the rest is guaranteed for the origin of the energy from renewable sources.

The quest to minimize our ecological footprint has a long history.

In 2015, ProCredit Bank was the first bank in Bulgaria to purchase 10 electric cars. This was 50% of all newly registered electric cars in Bulgaria at that time! Electric vehicles are used by employees across the country for the required regular on-site visits to business clients at their offices and businesses. Through this investment, we were able to almost halve our fuel consumption and increase our performance as a sustainable and environmentally friendly company.

At ProCredit Bank we promote green initiatives

Only a year after we purchased the first electric cars for our use, in 2016, at ProCredit Bank we also developed a specialized product for the purchase of electric cars under extremely attractive conditions - the "EcoMobility" loan. Both individuals and business customers can benefit from it.

We realized at the beginning of the operation of electric cars that the insufficient number of charging stations is the main problem for the development of this ecological transport. Gradually we built our own stations and developed Credit for the purchase of a charging station. It is suitable for both fast charging stations aimed at business customers and slow charging stations aimed at individuals.

ProCredit Bank branches have freely accessible charging stations for electric cars.

Since 2016, we have started to gradually install charging stations in front of the Bank's offices for our own use. All our customers can benefit from free charging of their electric car in front of our offices, during working hours and with the assistance of our employee.

The next step in the direction of the development of electric transport for our own needs was the construction of 66 charging stations in 2022, located in 56 locations. Among them are the parking lots of shops, hospitals, hotels and business centers.

ProCredit Bank also partners with Eldrive Charging, which is one of the major operators of charging stations in our country. Together with them, another 20 stations were built in Bulgaria. Today, ProCredit Bank can boast of over 100 built and functioning charging stations.