Bulgaria and Ukraine will cooperate more in areas such as the environment, energy and the military-industrial complex

The prime ministers of the two countries signed a statement on key topics of bilateral cooperation

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal began the conversation with thanks to the government and to all Bulgarians. He expressed appreciation for the military aid, for the support in the fight against the aggressor, including through the imposition of sanctions, and especially for the sheltered refugees from the war.

For his part, Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov thanked the Ukrainian people and their leaders for showing the world what it means to fight for ideals. "It is important to include the topic of justice in our bilateral talks, because it must be clear that in the 21st century any aggressor will receive international resistance," said the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

The two prime ministers united around the thesis that Russia and its leadership bear the sole responsibility for this war, for the grave crimes committed against humanity and for its global economic consequences. And they called for accountability.

The Minister of Justice Atanas Slavov also expressed determination for Bulgaria to be one of the countries that will participate in the restoration of justice after Russia's criminal war against Ukraine. He pointed out that our country is working on changes to the Criminal Code so that the crime of aggression is included in it and Russian leaders and military commanders are subject to criminal prosecution. Bulgaria will join the Eurojust joint investigative team. And it will also launch its own investigation into war crimes in Ukraine, including using the testimonies and testimony of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria.

In Kyiv, Nikolay Denkov and Denis Shmigal signed a statement on key topics of bilateral cooperation and discussed strategic issues of common security and support for Ukraine. A memorandum of cooperation was also signed between the state company "Terem" and the Ukrainian company for military defense production.

"I want to express my great respect for the work and reforms that your government is carrying out in the conditions of a terrible war," Academician Denkov addressed Denis Shmigal. And he assured that for the sake of the Ukrainian people, for peace in Europe, for the security of Bulgaria itself and for the international order to prevail, our country will support Ukraine for as long as it is necessary.

"We support the steps taken by the EU to increase pressure on Russia to limit its ability to wage war. And we will continue working together with other countries to create an international mechanism for compensating the victims of Russian aggression," said Academician Denkov. And Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmigal pointed out that today Ukraine and Bulgaria have taken another step to deepen their partnership relations. "We will fight together against Russian aggression. Bulgaria has a leadership position in implementing the Formula for Peace, in particular in the fields of ecology, energy, food and recovery," said Denis Shmigal.

The Ministries of Justice of Bulgaria and Ukraine are ready for active cooperation in the context of the established international Coalition to assist the return of Ukrainian children illegally deported and forcibly relocated to Russia. Our country remains actively engaged in the Peace Formula of Ukraine, as a co-chair in the implementation of point 8 "Environmental security" and a participant in points 2 "Food security", 3 "Energy security" and 7 "Restoration of justice", the press service of Council of Ministers.

Bulgaria will support Ukraine on the path of its future integration into the EU and NATO and is ready to share its experience and expertise in the negotiation process with the European Union and in the implementation of the necessary reforms in preparation for membership in the Alliance.

The two countries continue their cooperation for the restoration of security in the Black Sea region. Sofia will host the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimean Platform, which will be held in April 2024. Bulgaria and Ukraine will also continue their joint efforts to guarantee global food security and provide transit corridors for the export of Ukrainian agricultural products. .

In the conversation between Denkov and Shmigal, emphasis was placed on military-technical cooperation, the deepening of ties in the energy sector and the implementation of bilateral projects and initiatives in the field of environmental protection.

"We remain committed to the processes of rebuilding Ukraine and sympathize with the efforts of your government and the entire Ukrainian people," concluded Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov.




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