Kiril Petkov saw the risk of "Kozloduy - New Powers" NPP conducting negotiations with only one company for the construction of a nuclear unit

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There is no way we can allow GERB and DPS to have a majority in the regulators and services, said the co-chairman of "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) Kiril Petkov to journalists in the parliament. Earlier today, the National Assembly assigned until April 15 this year. to hold negotiations between Kozloduy NPP - New Powers EAD and Hyundai Engineering and Construction, BTA recalls.

"Those energy people in the room, who have the full expertise, who are nuclear energy people, I guess, decided that only one company could build. There was a report from the minister saying that at least two companies should be allowed in, there was a decision that they they could have voted - to have two companies admitted, but no - GERB, DPS and "There is such a people" decided that they wanted only one company to be able to build," comments Petkov.

In his words, this carries a huge risk that the best price will not be achieved and that all Bulgarian citizens will pay through the price of electricity for "this pleasure of today's voting to have only one competitor". "Not having a competition was a decision against the public interest," said Petkov.

The PP leader said that he was raising a red flag because, in his opinion, such a decision was not correct. "This institution is not the institution that should choose the contractor companies, but should push through laws. There is no way we can allow there to be any possibility in the remaining negotiations that GERB and DPS have a majority both in the regulators and in the services, there is no way," he added Kiril Petkov.

Shortly before his statement, the National Assembly mandated that negotiations between Kozloduy NPP-New Power Plant EAD and Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., included in the short list of potential construction companies for engineering, construction, delivery and commissioning of a nuclear power plant at the approved site in Kozloduy, with AR1000 technology.

The deputies first rejected the proposal, and in the re-voting they accepted it with 112 votes "for", 29 "against" and 82 "abstentions", with one vote more in its support against "against" and "abstentions".

The decision was submitted by Delyan Dobrev (GERB-SDS) and Stanislav Anastasov (DPS) and supported by the parliamentary committees on energy and environment and water.

With 52 votes "for", 161 "against" and 8 "abstentions", the parliament rejected the other draft resolution submitted by Vasil Stefanov and Ivaylo Mirchev from "Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB), which proposed to hold negotiations with "Hyundai Engineering and Construction" and the American company "Bechtel".

The proposal for a second company with which to conduct negotiations was given by the deputies, as it is not clear on the basis of which criteria this supplier was determined. The Bechtel company failed to meet the requirements of the Kozloduy NPP - New capacities to enter the short list of potential EPC contractors. Only the South Korean company met all the parameters of the assignment.



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