ENERGO-PRO warns of telephone scams on behalf of the company

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Customers of ENERGO-PRO report a telephone scam in which the company's name is misused. The signals are from residents of the city of Varna, who received phone calls from unknown persons from a hidden number. Fraudsters pretend to be employees of the company and notify about a manipulated electricity meter, detected theft of electricity and warn that they will send a team, respectively demanding money from customers for the "service".

Please note that ENERGO-PRO has no practice of calling its customers by phone to perform a service, except in cases where they have submitted a written application for a price list service to the company. In these cases, the number from a company employee is never hidden and usually the call is from the national telephone number of the electricity distribution company 0700 16161. Payment for the requested services is possible only at ENERGO-PRO Customer Service Centers. ENERGO-PRO has repeatedly warned about various attempts to abuse the company's name and in this regard reminds that it is not a practice to call its customers by phone to offer services.

We advise our customers to follow only the official channels of communication with ENERGO-PRO and, in case of suspicion of misuse of the company's name, to immediately call the 24-hour phone number 0700 161 61 or contact the law enforcement authorities.




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