How the deposit system will be implemented in Bulgaria is expected to be clarified within 2-3 weeks

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When applying the "polluter pays" rule, the values related to the environment are the most important for the MoEW. It's about minimizing them. This was said by the Minister of Environment and Water, Julian Popov, after presenting the National Report on the State and Protection of the Environment in 2021. In particular, it is about minimizing the consequences in terms of waste.

However, it became clear from his explanation that the entire scheme with taxes and fees is about to be changed, but this will already concern the finance department. As for the introduction of a deposit system for the recovery of plastic waste, Minister Popov commented that an understanding must first be reached with business operators (the managers of large chain stores), manufacturers, and consumers as to how exactly the system will function.

"From our point of view, recovery is important," he explained, distinguishing between large chains, where it is much easier to install recycling machines, and small sites. As for the price, according to him, it should be in a range that is consistent with the purchasing power. As the minister specified, an answer on this topic is expected within 2-3 weeks.

The Minister of Environment and Water also commented on the air quality, noting that there is a tendency to improve. At the same time, he reminded that programs for improving air quality are prepared and implemented by the municipalities, and the Eco-Ministry finances them, monitors the implementation of the programs and, when necessary, sanctions them. In this regard, he gave the example of nitrogen oxides caused by transport, developing his idea that with the acceleration of electrification the situation would improve. As he put it, a "regulatory electrification of transport" is needed, for example taxis, goods suppliers, etc. When this happens, a critical mass will build up to reverse this trend so that the trend becomes irreversible.



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