Scientists from BAS and Solar Academy Bulgaria association are looking for modern solutions for the good maintenance of photovoltaic parks

Association Solar Academy Bulgaria and IMSTCHA - BAS concluded a memorandum of partnership

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The Institute of Metallurgy, Equipment and Technologies with Center for Hydro- and Aerodynamics "Acad. A. Balevski" - BAS and Association "Solar Academy Bulgaria" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two organizations. The memorandum aims to encourage joint research, development and implementation of innovative projects and improvement of existing technologies.

The two organizations are discussing the existing opportunities for long-term joint cooperation in the field of educational, research and innovation activities. The main interest is the conduct of multidisciplinary research, active exchange of experience in the implementation of innovative technologies, organization of joint scientific seminars, symposia, conferences and exhibitions, training of qualified personnel, management of doctoral students, attraction of interested organizations and companies, preparation and implementation of innovation projects, preparation of patents and a number of other activities.

"We plan to develop various modifications of hydrophobic self-cleaning coatings, providing increased efficiency of solar systems and a significant reduction of losses in electricity production caused by contamination of photovoltaic panels. The development is in line with the strategy for sustainable energy development and the trend to apply ecological green technologies", commented the two organizations.

According to Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov - Chairman of the Association "Solar Academy Bulgaria", this new stage in the cooperation between business and academia provides an opportunity to solve various modern challenges and problems. With the combined resources and expertise of the two organizations, conditions are created for innovative solutions and high-quality research activities. This cooperation is a key factor in achieving the efficient use of solar energy and hydro- and aerodynamic technologies, with a tendency to bring a positive contribution to education, economy and innovation in Bulgaria.



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