ESO presented the plans for the development of the electricity transmission network in response to the goals of the green transition at the Bulgarian pavilion at COP28

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ESO presented the operator's vision for the construction of an electric transmission corridor for the shared use of green energy between the countries of North-West and South-East Europe within the program of the Bulgarian pavilion at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP28 in Dubai.

During the panel "Challenges and opportunities of the green transition", the director of the Central Dispatch Department of the electricity transmission operator of Bulgaria, Dimitar Zarchev, detailed the ESO initiative to build an additional European electricity transmission infrastructure for sharing green electricity.

The implementation of the ESO's idea to build an energy corridor will ensure maximum efficient utilization of green electricity and its transfer from countries with increased production to those with peak consumption in the relevant time range. The Green Electricity Sharing project is a means of addressing decentralization in the creation of many small generation capacities, which is a challenge for electricity transmission networks across Europe.

The construction of the additional European infrastructure will contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of tripling the renewable energy sources by 2030 and guaranteeing the consumption of the electricity produced by them in the countries of Continental Europe. The European Energy Corridor will contribute to the sustainable and balanced management of the electricity systems connected in a common market on the Old Continent.

European electricity transmission operators support the need to create electricity corridors between the countries of the northern and southern parts of Europe to ease the process of connecting new RES capacities together with guaranteeing the security of electricity supplies for all consumers.

The accelerated integration of renewable energy sources requires the construction of the necessary electricity transmission infrastructure to ensure the balanced functioning of the European energy system, in parallel with the application of large-scale technology for storing electricity in large quantities for a long time range.

Within the panel, the Bulgarian electricity transmission operator also presented the company's large-scale investment program, aimed at developing the network and increasing the transmission capacity for the unhindered integration of the newly constructed RES capacities, as well as guaranteeing the stable functioning of the electricity system.



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