An initiative to turn Bulgaria into an innovation hub in South-East Europe has been launched by the Ministry of Innovation and Growth

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The Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIG) has launched an initiative to turn Bulgaria into an innovation hub in Southeast Europe. Work is being done consistently to develop partnerships with other countries in the region. This is what the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Milena Stoicheva, said in an interview with BTA in Dubai. MIG is hosting the events during the first days of the program of the Bulgarian pavilion at the COP28 climate conference.

"There is already a partnership with Romania, work is currently underway to sign agreements with Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, maybe Poland. Talks with Finland to sign a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of technology and innovation have also already started." the minister also said.

Another initiative of the ministry, which Milena Stoycheva highlighted, is the agreement concluded with the technology corporation "Intel" (Intel) for free provision of training programs for working with artificial intelligence, which will be available through schools and training centers, in order to provide opportunities for the necessary qualification in the rapidly developing labor market.

Bulgaria's participation in COP28 is happening at a very important moment - when the topic of climate change and, in general, the impact that we as a society, as an economy, as a civilization have on the planet, has reached a point where the critical point. That is why it is very important at this very moment to show proactive actions with solutions. Therefore, our Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Water, chose as the topic of the Bulgarian participation the innovations and solutions that Bulgaria can present at this climate conference, Minister Stoicheva said.



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