Minister Radev: The state will work to create more engineers in the nuclear field

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The energy sector has a long horizon of planning, preparation of projects, and their implementation. This was explained by the Minister of Energy Rumen Radev, who took part in the second panel of the conference "Energy Strategy of Bulgaria: Plan for Energy Security". 3eNews and are media partners of the event. He was categorical that the ministry is working very actively on the creation of the country's future energy strategy.

Radev is also convinced that the optimal solution for creating the future project document will be found correctly. "We have a consensus on the most important thing - that we focus our efforts on low-emission energy," Minister Radev explained to those present. Despite efforts and talk about decarbonization, it should be clear that emission-free energy does not exist, Radev recalled. For this reason, the minister is skeptical of theses for complete decarbonization of the economy.

According to the minister, it is important to develop personnel in the energy sector, as well as in the nuclear sector. However, the entire energy strategy must be created after a broad debate among all stakeholders.

On a weekly basis, we start preparing for the Seventh Block. But we really need a lot of new specialists there, the minister explained. For blocks 7 and 8, there will be Bulgarian engineering, there will be consultants to support this project. But we will also develop state capacity in the nuclear sphere, Minister Radev explained during the conference.

The minister added that our country will probably support a global initiative to revive nuclear energy as a low-emission one. And this issue will be raised at the upcoming COP 28 conference in Dubai.



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