Denkov in Strasbourg: Bulgaria's progress in recent months regarding the rule of law is already yielding results

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"The progress that Bulgaria has made in recent months regarding the rule of law is already yielding results. Monitoring of our justice system has been abolished. Bulgaria was ranked first for the fastest developing progress in the justice system. The increase of foreign direct investments in Bulgaria for this year is more than 50% and this is a clear sign that the efforts of the Bulgarian government are understood and supported". This was stated by Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov in his response at the end of the debates with MEPs in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In the French city, the prime minister pointed out that the formation of the cabinet led by him was an opportunity for pro-European governance of the state. Academician Denkov expressed his disappointment that some of the Bulgarian MEPs did not support these efforts during the debate, but tried to create division again. "Bulgaria is a pro-European country and our administration will work for the European development of Bulgaria," added the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister once again stated that it is extremely important that Bulgaria is fully integrated into the European structures - in Schengen and in the Eurozone, and it is important that our country participates in making decisions for the development of Europe and they must correspond to Bulgaria's interests.

The Prime Minister recalled that we cooperate with Romania on many common projects. "We started working on programs that aim to develop the entire infrastructure from Greece through Bulgaria to Romania, to Moldova, to Ukraine. "This is part of the pan-European effort to develop the region of the Balkans," shared Academician Denkov.

In his conclusion, the Prime Minister also commented on our relations with our southwestern neighbors, recalling that Bulgaria was the first country in the world to recognize North Macedonia as an independent European country. "Unfortunately, over the years, our relations have deteriorated, and I do not think that Bulgaria is to blame for that. That's why I want to say clearly that at the moment Bulgaria has no other requirements towards North Macedonia, apart from those laid down in the decision of the European Union last year", concluded Academician Denkov, emphasizing that North Macedonia must fulfill the agreement.



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