Three metropolitan areas now have detailed information on the potential of their buildings to produce solar energy

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If you want to put a photovoltaic installation on the roof of the multi-family building you live in, do you know how many and what panels you should choose? How much energy can they produce? How much will it cost you and how much money will you save? - These and many other similar questions are answered by the "Solar Cities" project, which explores the potential of Sofia and Burgas for the production of solar energy. In Sofia, the project was implemented on the territory of the "Lyulin", "Vrabnitsa" and "Nadezhda" districts, where detailed design simulations were developed for 2886 buildings. The special internet platform with free access gives information to the residents of these buildings about how many solar panels can be installed on the roof, the estimated amount of energy that can be produced by the panels, the carbon emissions saved, the estimated investments for the project and others.

All this became clear within the framework of an exhibition dedicated to renewable energy sources, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality. At a special stand during the exhibition and on the occasion of the Day of Energy Auditors, which we celebrate today, November 11, the activities of the Chamber of Energy Auditors are presented.

Partners in celebrating the holiday are the Ministry of Energy (ME) and the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development (ASED).

"The goal is to increase citizens' awareness of the advantages of energy efficiency, the energy survey of buildings and the opportunities that these processes provide for energy savings," said Valentina Uzunova, the president of the chamber of energy auditors, to the participants of the event.



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