Delyan Dobrev with a new proposal to end Lukoil's derogation

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The deputy from GERB and chairman of the committee on energy to the National Assembly submitted a new proposal to cancel the derogation of "Lukoil" for the transfer of Russian oil by sea. This is clear from a reference on the page of the National Assembly.

The deputy proposes a draft law to amend the Law on Control over the Implementation of Restrictive Measures in view of Russia's actions destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

In his reasons, the deputy states that "Keeping the effect of the derogation from the ban is not necessary. The Neftohim refinery, which is owned by Lukoil, can operate normally without processing Russian oil." This text refers to a link to the Center for the Study of Democracy.

"Bulgaria can receive supplies of crude oil and other raw materials from non-Russian sources, and can also receive refined products if they are needed," the deputy also wrote.

Dobrev proposes that within three days of the promulgation of the changes in the State Gazette, the Council of Ministers should cancel the derogation.



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