The cabinet to the EU ambassadors: The tax on Russian gas affects only "Gazprom"

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The recently introduced fee for the import and transit of Russian gas through Bulgaria will not have a negative impact on European consumers. It will only affect Gazprom's profits. This is what the ambassadors of the countries of the European Union (EU) heard from Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel, Ministers of Finance and Energy Asen Vasilev and Rumen Radev.

"The EU should not be dependent on Russian gas. It is not admissible to finance Russia's war against Ukraine with the money of the European taxpayers," said Academician Denkov. He recalled that in recent years a lot of work has been done so that Europe can receive gas from different sources.

A day after his visit to Vienna, the Prime Minister once again highlighted to the EU diplomats the arguments for Bulgaria's admission to the Schengen area: "If it is not necessary to guard the borders between Bulgaria and Greece and Bulgaria and Romania, our country will direct much more effort and resources to our borders with Turkey and Serbia". The Prime Minister expressed hope that in December, at the regular meeting of the European Council, the right decision will be taken in favor of Bulgarian and European citizens and businesses.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that our country has made great progress in the field of the rule of law, and this is reported by our partners and the European Commission.

During the conversation, other important topics were also discussed, such as the war in Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East, migration, the competitiveness of the EU and other issues that are on the agenda of the upcoming European Council meeting this week.



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