The DPS parliamentary group will support GERB's proposal to end Lukoil's derogation

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The DPS parliamentary group will support GERB's proposal to end the derogation for the processing of Russian oil at Lukoil Neftohim Burgas. This is stated in a statement of the press center of the DPS, which disseminated the position of the co-chairman of the parliamentary group, Delyan Peevski, that the voting of this decision in the National Assembly will outline very clearly whose side the parliamentary parties and coalitions are on - on the side of citizens and Euro-Atlanticism or on the country of "Lukoil", Russia and the financing of the war against Ukraine.

"As early as Monday, we will demand reports from the heads of customs and the NRA, with which they will inform the parliament what is happening at Lukoil - are sanctions being circumvented, are they paying their taxes. As part of the Euro-Atlantic majority in the National Assembly, we will insist on effective, decisive and quick actions on the part of the executive power", Peevski also states.

Earlier today, Finance Minister Asen Vasilev commented on GERB's proposal to end the derogation, saying that the parliament has already taken a decision on the Lukoil case - namely that the refinery's derogation should continue until October 2024.

"The previous decision was made on the basis of quite extensive reporting of what was likely to happen going forward. There are always differences between two people, whether they are in the same party or in different parties. Seeing the actual texts and the actual proposals it will be possible to comment on something real".

The finance minister added that the possible sale of Lukoil depends solely on the owner.

"What I said in the Financial Times interview, I can say it here now, is that there is an interest in buying the refinery from various international organizations. The most normal thing is if it is going to be sold strategically active for the government to monitor the process relatively closely. What we see happening now is that, for the first time, Lukoil starts paying taxes and the state collects the money from the refinery."

Asen Vasilev also said that the possible sale of Lukoil will not affect fuel prices in Bulgaria.

The question of withdrawing the refinery's derogation was raised by the deputy from GERB and chairman of the committee on energy at the National Assembly, Delyan Dobrev, during his guest appearance in the morning block of BTV.



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