About BGN 38 million is the damage caused by the water disaster in Tsarevo in September, according to the report of the Eco-Ministry

The causes of the disaster are the intense rainfall in combination with the characteristic geographical features of the region and the infrastructure

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According to preliminary calculations, the damage from the disaster in Tsarevo in September amounted to about BGN 38 million. This was said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers at a briefing by the Minister of Environment and Water, Julian Popov. The document contains an analysis of the infrastructure and proposals for corrective actions to overcome the consequences of the disaster situation on the Southern Black Sea coast after the flood of September 5.

"Such reports are prepared in six months. This report was prepared in two weeks. Much work remains to be done to produce analyzes related to the financial dimensions of damage. Next week, we will hold a meeting of all involved and responsible institutions so that things can move forward faster," Minister Yulian Popov explained.

He announced that today's decision included up to two weeks to prepare a financial assessment of the damage. This is extremely hard work, because this financial assessment must be clear, detailed and substantiated, said the minister.

According to Minister Yulian Popov, the content of the report will give more concrete directions for the development of plans for managing the risks of floods and other disasters. His categorical assessment is that part of the Bulgarian infrastructure is not adequate to the climate in the country, and even less to the climatic changes that we expect to intensify.

"As a conclusion of the commission, we came to the conclusion that the reasons that caused the disaster were the intense rainfall in combination with the characteristic geographical features of the region. The other major reason is infrastructure. The bridges are not sized for modern hydro-meteorological conditions," explained during the briefing the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Waters Petar Dimitrov, who heads the temporary interdepartmental commission appointed by order of the Prime Minister. He pointed out that as a result of this report, the commission has foreseen measures to correct and minimize the established damages, including proposals for amendments to the regulatory framework.

With the decision of the Council of Ministers, the commission is assigned to determine specific deadlines for the implementation of the corrective measures proposed in the report.



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