Nikolay Denkov: We have exactly 2 months for negotiations with the EC, we are waiting for the trade unions for substantive talks

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We have exactly 2 months for negotiations with the EC, we are waiting for the unions for substantive talks, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov announced after today's failed meeting in the Council of Ministers with representatives of the unions and the protesting miners and energy workers, quoted by BNT.

"Today, more than ever, we need an agreement on how to develop the Bulgarian energy industry in the next 20 years. An agreement based on real facts and real forecasts, not on political fabrications and unrealistic expectations. In order to have an agreement, there must first be a conversation, not through megaphones, but by sitting representatives of all parties at the same negotiating table, so that everyone is heard and the best solution for everyone is found. That is why we invited the representatives of the trade union organizations to talk about all the important issues that concern the miners and the energy workers. The trade union organizations refuse to come for now," said Denkov.

According to him, everyone should be ready for a meaningful conversation. The Prime Minister confirmed several highlights regarding territorial plans.

"The plans do not close mines and thermal power plants. Their goal is to attract BGN 4 billion to the coal regions through several different European programs. These funds are intended for the development of the respective regions, they can transform them. They are available, but they must we ask for them in compliance with European rules," explained Denkov.

According to him, with the handover of the documents, the negotiations with the EC are just beginning. All points in the Recovery and Sustainability Plan in the area of energy and territorial plans will be discussed. According to Denkov, with the plans, Bulgaria does not undertake to close certain capacities related to the production of electricity from coal, because there is no such text.

"We submitted the plans at the last possible date, they have to be approved by the EC and all member states by December 31 this year. The plans of all other countries were submitted a long time ago, we are the last in this activity. We have exactly 2 months to negotiate with the EC, we are waiting for the unions for substantive talks in order to continue the negotiations with the EC and together with the unions to prepare the arguments and put forward our demands," the Prime Minister also said.



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