The Kosovo-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (KBCC) was established

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The Kosovo-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (KBCC) was established at a solemn ceremony in Sofia on September 27, 2023 at the InterContinental Hotel. This historic step in the relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Bulgaria attracted the attention of high-ranking personalities from the diplomatic, business and academic communities, who testified their support and interest in the initiative.

"We will be the strong voice of business in front of the authorities and institutions in Kosovo and in Bulgaria.", Tomislav Tsolov, one of the initiators of the project to create the Kosovo-Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Board of Directors of KBCC, began his speech with these opening words. clearly emphasizing the objectives of the Chamber - to promote and support commercial activities between the two countries.

Solomon Passi, the foreign minister of Bulgaria, who played a historic role in the recognition of the Republic of Kosovo, was invited to speak immediately after Mr. Tsolov. In his welcome speech, Mr. Passy expressed support for the creation of such an institution and stated that as a member of the KBCC, he would continue to contribute to the economic development of relations between the two countries.

"The chamber is already working and I expect it to be a platform for collaboration, to satisfy the needs of businesses and through it we can see more of Kosovo in Bulgaria and more of Bulgaria in Kosovo," added H.E. Delfin Plana, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo. The ambassador also said that the KBCC is the biggest achievement of his mandate in Bulgaria, which will continue to be a key element in the good diplomatic relations between the two countries for many years, and anyone with business acumen will appreciate how useful membership in the chamber will be. At the event H.E. Delfin Plana was awarded the "Golden Laurel Branch" by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the most honorable award for outstanding contribution to the development and deepening of bilateral relations with a foreign country. The award was presented by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria - Elena Shekerletova.

"Economic partnerships and collaboration are driving forces in today's geopolitical world. Not only between businesses, but also between people. I believe and expect great achievements from this chamber," said Lisa Gashi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, who used her time on stage to wish luck and success to the endeavor.

Among the guests participating in the ceremony were Mrs. Elena Shekerletova, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, and Mr. Mentor Arifai, Deputy Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Republic of Kosovo, who wished the Chamber success.

A welcoming video address was made by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

"International relations are between people, between businesses and between governments. Therefore, let's stay and stand together," President Rosen Plevneliev, who participates in KBCC as chairman of the Advisory Council, concluded his speech.

Traditionally, the evening ended with a tasting of a selection of wines from Kosovo and Bulgaria, as a symbolic beginning of the exchange of ideas and opportunities.

About KBCC

The mission of the Kosovo-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is to become a key partner for companies and entrepreneurs from Kosovo and Bulgaria, providing complex services to support and develop their business relations. The Chamber will work actively to promote trade and investment between the two countries and to support cooperation in the fields of culture and education.

Kosovo-Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the growth of economies and cultural exchanges between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Bulgaria. We believe that the establishment of this Chamber will open up new opportunities for business and cooperation between the two countries and will contribute to closer ties between our peoples.



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