Prime Minister Denkov: The government will not give in to blackmail attempts

The Prime Minister invited to a meeting 22 organizations from the agricultural sector, which declared their intention to protest

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Prime Minister Denkov: The government will not give in to blackmail attempts

Photo: Government Information Service

The state is obliged to take care of the general interest. Freeing the import of agricultural products from Ukraine benefits all citizens. This is why the government will not give in to blackmail attempts.

This was stated by Prime Minister Mykola Denkov on the occasion of the national protests being prepared by the agrarian sector in connection with the release of the import of agricultural products from Ukraine.

Food prices - not only bread and oil, but also meat because of the use of feed - depend on imports. And they are paid by all people. If there is an affected individual sector, we will help it, explained the Prime Minister.

Official statistics clearly show the financial condition of grain producers: in 2022 - the year of the war - they reported a profit of between 20% and 25% compared to 2021. "They say that the sector is dying, but such profit rates in the world are actually only cause for envy," Denkov said. In recent years, the state has given agriculture 1.5 - 2 billion BGN of taxpayers' money, and it has reported profits with this support.

The Prime Minister considers the approach of the state to support the entire agricultural sector to be wrong and harmful for people: "This year there are also companies that continue to make profits. But there are others who are struggling and their issues need to be specifically addressed.”

The Prime Minister called on all individual branches of agriculture to think about what their specific problems are. He is ready to discuss them together and look for solutions, but with numbers. In connection with this, Academician Denkov issued an official invitation to a meeting tomorrow to all 22 organizations from the initiative committee, which is preparing protests next week.

"This protest is beginning to acquire a political character - both with the requests for support from parties and with the fact that some of the people who lead and organize it are close to certain political figures," commented the Prime Minister.



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