Measures for strategic autonomy in industry approved by the Council of Ministers, as a result of the informal ministerial meeting on competitiveness

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The government approved the results of the informal EU ministerial meeting on consumer affairs and industry, which took place in Spain.

Among the measures identified by the economic ministers to build strategic autonomy are reducing strategic dependencies, accelerating green and digital transformation, increasing the security of supplies of raw materials and materials, building trade partnerships with third countries to diversify sources of supply, clarity and predictability without allowing over-regulation, investment in research and development and new market solutions, providing sufficient specialists, as well as attracting talent from all over the world.

Within the framework of the meeting on consumer issues, two working sessions were held - on the role of consumers in the green transition and the circular economy and on the new agenda for consumers in the context of the series of crises. Member States stated their support in principle for promoting sustainable consumption and identified several guidelines for work. They are related to combating the planned obsolescence of products and ensuring the possibility of product repair, as well as the requirement to provide information to consumers about the footprint of products on the environment.

In the "Internal Market and Industry" part, a plenary session was held on the topic: "Open strategic autonomy as a cornerstone of the EU: an opportunity for industrial development and a new stimulus for the single market".

In a meeting of the ministers responsible for competitiveness, consumer affairs, internal market and industry, which took place on July 24 and 25, 2023 in Bilbao, Spain, the Bulgarian delegation was led by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Mr. Ivaylo Shotev in the "Internal Market and Industry" section and by the director of the "Consumer Policy" Directorate at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Emil Alexiev in the "Consumer Issues" section.



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