Three parties want to withdraw the derogation for the "Lukoil Neftohim Burgas" refinery

It is also proposed to appoint a special commercial manager in the company

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Source: Lukoil Neftohim Burgas, archive

The parliamentary groups of PP-DB, GERB-SDS and DPS submitted to the secretariat of the National Assembly the proposal to revoke the derogation of "Lukoil", as well as secondly - to appoint a special commercial manager at the enterprise, the chairman of the Commission told journalists in the parliament in Energy Delyan Dobrev, BTA reported.

To BNT, Ivaylo Mirchev from the PP-DB also stated that the three parliamentary groups have submitted a proposal to end the derogation for Russian oil, adding that the government will have to do a deep analysis so that within 2-3 months this can happened.

Meanwhile, Delyan Dobrev specified that this could probably become a reality towards the end of October, because it is framed as an amendment to the Control Law on the Implementation of Restrictive Measures in view of Russia's actions destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. "That is, the bill will be adopted by the end of September, and the deadline we have set is for the Council of Ministers to revoke the derogation without conditions within 30 days, after the law comes into force," he pointed out.

"This time, the sum of the votes of the three parliamentary groups must be a guarantee that it will be adopted with a majority", noted Dobrev and recalled that he had proposed the withdrawal of the derogation in the Law on the State Budget, but this was not accepted.

According to Dobrev, the result of such a measure will be to stop funding to Russia. Since the beginning of the derogation, the only winners from it are "Lukoil" and "Litasco", the Bulgarian consumer does not gain anything, he stressed.

"It is not our decision whether Lukoil will move out of Bulgaria, our decision is whether or not to have a derogation", he also pointed out and noted that there is not a single proof that this refinery cannot operate entirely with non-Russian oil.



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