MRDPW denied the tripartite contracts of AM "Hemus" and accused a former minister of lying

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Source: MRDPW, archive

The former Minister of Regional Development and Public Works and current Member of Parliament Grozdan Karadzov is spreading outright lies about the possible solutions for the completion of the "Hemus" highway. Before BNT, he expressed statements that did not correspond to facts and documents, with which he misled the citizens.

For the current leadership of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW), it is news that there are tripartite agreements that will annex the existing vicious in-house contracts for the construction of the "Hemus" AM and this will increase the cost of construction activities by BGN 2 billion.

If Grozdan Karadjov has such tripartite agreements, we urge him to provide them to the responsible institutions.

We categorically state that the current management of MRDPW did not work on such agreements, did not order their preparation and was not notified of their existence.

Grozdan Karadjov, in his capacity as Minister of Regional Development between December 2021 and August 2022, did not take the necessary steps to end the vicious practice of in-house contracts. His inaction practically put the next managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in a situation where the state has to implement these agreements, which viciously circumvent the PLO and leave doubts in society about non-compliance with the legal order in Bulgaria.

According to Karadjov, tripartite agreements are currently being prepared, which will annex the existing vicious in-house contracts for the construction of the "Hemus" highway. Where new activities will be introduced - ie. labor, which hitherto did not figure there, but was paid for, will be brought in as a new 15 to 20% of the total to add to the general appreciation, which will become over 50%.

According to Karadzhov, there will already be talk of a BGN 2 billion increase in the cost of in-house procedures. He specified that 1 billion is indexation due to inflation and another 1 billion for the fact that an annex for labor will be signed.

"Until now the labor did not figure, but it was paid for. Now it will be described, but it has been included in the prices of the materials and they will take it out. These documents are prepared. We have a copy of them and they cannot deny them. In addition, new subcontractors have been conveniently introduced in "Automagistrali", explained Grozdan Karadjov.

According to him, the "heist of the century" - the Hemus highway and the inhouse procedures continues with double force at "We Continue the Change".

"Now they are going down the same vicious path by increasing the price by a total of 50%, and it is obvious to anyone who observes - here the authorities should contact and check what "Automagistrali", API and the minister are doing - this corruption triangle and what is being done with inhouse at the moment, what are their plans, before we pay too much," Grozdan Karadjov also told BNT.



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