Tasko Ermenkov, BSP: The sale of the reactors to "Belene" liquidates the project - this is national betrayal

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"We don't have a nuclear deal with Ukraine, we have a purchase and sale of equipment that is ours and should serve for the production of electricity in Bulgaria and guaranteeing the country's electricity security. But lately we notice that what is done in the field of foreign policy, economy, etc. it has nothing to do with the interests and security of the state." This was stated by the member of the Executive Bureau of the BSP, Tasko Ermenkov, on the air of BNT.

In the program "The day begins with Georgi Ljubenov", he pointed out the need for the reactors to start operating in Bulgaria instead of being sold. "We found out from the EC spokesperson that these reactors will be bought with EU money - i.e. The EU has no objection to buying Russian reactors and helping Ukraine to put them into operation. I ask the question why then these Russian reactors, which are already Bulgarian, since we paid for them and which are needed by Bulgaria, cannot be made in Bulgaria?", asked the socialist.

Tasko Ermenkov pointed out that nuclear energy is the only way to have base capacities that do not emit harmful emissions. He also pointed out that the Kozloduy NPP is at risk because the fuel contracted with Westinhouse is not licensed and it is not known if it will be at all, and the reactors have licenses to operate until 2027-2029, after which they must the deadline will be extended, but this can only happen if we use this fuel, which is now: "And at some point it may turn out that we first give up Belene, because the sale of the reactors has already liquidated this project, and secondly, from In 2027-2029, we will no longer have "Kozloduy", the member of the IB of the BSP expressed concern.

Ermenkov pointed out the need for these reactors to come into operation because it will help the economy to be more competitive and consumers to pay lower electricity prices: "When we talk about national betrayal regarding Belene, let's not limit ourselves to the fact that we sell the reactors to Ukraine, and let's go even deeper - the national betrayal that we did not build "Belene", he was categorical.

The socialist pointed out that the question about the power plants rests on the nationally responsible behavior of every single citizen in Bulgaria and announced that on Monday in Belene there will be a mass protest by local residents that these reactors are being sold abroad instead of being used in Bulgaria.

Regarding Defense Minister Todor Tagarev, Ermenkov stated: "We are glad that we managed to delay the entry of a hawk into politics for at least 2 years, and in such a sensitive area as the defense of the state." We have already put forward our demand for his resignation and we will not back down from this demand. The policy pursued by Tagarev does not meet the approval not only of the BSP, but also of the majority of Bulgarians. This policy leads to the direct involvement of Bulgaria in a conflict, for which we must make efforts to end in a peaceful way, and not to pump up armaments", explained the socialist and pointed out that it was the BSP that was the brake on the export of weapons and the non-involvement of Bulgaria as a party to the conflict.



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