Hristo Alexiev: More than BGN 2 billion are saved annually with the Cabinet's measures for traffic along the border with Turkey

Over BGN 3.5 billion have been saved to the Bulgarian economy from fuel prices, the acting Deputy Prime Minister pointed out

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The measures taken by the caretaker government to ease border traffic lead to savings of BGN 2 billion per year for Bulgarian, Turkish and European companies. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Minister of Transport and Communications Hristo Alexiev, after together with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Aileen Sekizkök and Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev opened the new lanes for cargo vehicles under a special temperature regime between Bulgaria and Turkey.

He pointed out that in 2022, about 1 million heavy trucks passed through the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing. This makes our shared border with Turkey one of the busiest in the world.

"When the caretaker government started working, what we saw at the border were waits of the order of 6-7 days. We worked hard, purposefully and sensibly, and as a result of the various organizational measures, the stay was reduced to one and a half to two days. With the opening of the new lanes for refrigerated trucks, the wait will be up to 8 hours," commented Hristo Alexiev.

We must work with such steps so that, on the basis of our good partnership, we can be useful not only to the economies of our countries, but also to the European Union, he was categorical.

Hristo Alexiev and Ambassador Sekizkök also signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Bulgaria and Turkey for a new railway connection in the direction of Yambol - Elhovo - Edirne.

The document envisages the construction of a new border rail crossing in order to ease freight traffic and facilitate passage between the two countries. Pre-investment studies were started in March this year. Talks have already been held with the EC for financial support. The common border point will be in the region of Lesovo.

"Following the measures taken by the caretaker government to control fuel prices and achieving a difference of more than one BGN, the Bulgarian economy saved funds in the amount of BGN 3.5 billion," commented Deputy Prime Minister Alexiev. Our country's consumption of fuels on an annual basis is 3.5 million tons, currently the fuels in Bulgaria are the cheapest in all of Europe, which makes us extremely competitive, he added.

The projects that we launched in terms of transport, digital and energy connectivity must be continued so that Bulgaria can position itself as a strong and major factor in the region, Deputy Prime Minister Hristo Alexiev pointed out.



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