President Radev handed Academician Denkov a "discredited mandate" and called on him to return an empty folder

For the first time since 1997, the president asked a political party not to fulfill a mandate

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Source: BTA

The head of state Rumen Radev handed the second mandate to form a government to the candidate for prime minister, named respectively by the second largest parliamentary group in the 49th National Assembly - "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (CC-DB).

Before handing over the folder to academician Nikolay Denkov, the president lashed out at the parliamentary group over leaked records from the PP's national council, called on them to return an unfulfilled mandate, and then left without the usual closed-to-the-media meeting.

A similar call has been a precedent for Bulgaria since 1997, when President Petar Stoyanov succeeded in his request that the BSP refuse to form a second government with the mandate of the "Videnov" cabinet. This opens the way for early parliamentary elections won by the SDF, recalls.

"I want to express my personal respect to you, knowing you in your capacity as a minister in several governments, as well as to express full understanding of the delicacy of the situation we are in at the moment," Radev addressed Academician Denkov. However, that was the end of the flattery.

"As president and commander-in-chief, I am directly involved in national security and I am called to defend the Bulgarian state. Here I want to state that it is precisely for this reason that it is not appropriate for me to hand you a mandate after the expired records and entrust the fate of Bulgaria to the hands of the leaders of your party, as well as after the subsequent public confessions, because of the torpedoing of Bulgarian sovereignty, the slander and the planned purge in the services and the state administration, the request for interference in the elections through the Ministry of the Interior and discrediting the leaders of European institutions and the name of Bulgaria". the president said.

After emphasizing that he was handing over the mandate only because of the legal requirement to do so, Radev continued with his criticism of CC-DB:

"Using the mandate is your constitutional right, but in the name of preserving the remnants of normality and trust in the political system, preserving your dignity and political perspective and also preserving the image of Bulgaria in front of our European partners, I urge you to reconsider entirely the expediency of utilizing this mandate, which, in my opinion, has already been discredited".

For his part, Academician Nikolay Denkov pointed out to the head of state that Bulgaria needs a stable government:

"A government that will solve people's problems and that will decisively advance Bulgaria's European path. However, Bulgaria also needs a stable parliament. The most urgent is the adoption of the budget, on which salaries, pensions, capital expenditures, road repairs depend, the schools, the kindergartens, the hospitals, and without a budget they cannot happen. That is why it is very important that the parliament continues to work regularly and make its decisions. We are waiting for changes in the anti-corruption laws, changes in the Criminal Code, including and those related to road warfare, and perhaps changes to the Constitution to strengthen the judicial system."

Denkov emphasized that in the coming days they will conduct negotiations with the rest of the parliamentary forces in order to form a regular government that will achieve the goals and objectives laid down in their administrative and legislative program.

"I sincerely hope that this effort of ours will be supported and that next week we will have a stable government regularly broadcast. I know that the task is difficult and delicate, but not impossible," said Academician Nikolay Denkov.

The coalition has a week to return the fulfilled mandate of the head of state. If in this case as well, the composition of the Council of Ministers is not proposed, the president instructs a subsequent parliamentary group to nominate a candidate for prime minister.

While the second term ceremony was underway, a protest was held in front of the presidential building. It was organized by gen. Dimitar Shivikov.

"Let's protect our sovereignty by gathering on May 29 at 4:30 p.m. in front of the presidency and categorically declare that Bulgaria is a free, independent and sovereign country. Not behind the scenes and foreign brutal interference. Let's stop the advance of fascism and political strife." announced on "Twitter" the reasons for the shortage, Gen. Shivikov.

The idea of a rotating prime minister between the CC-DB and GERB-SDS is highly likely to fail after the records of the National Council of the CC, which MP Radostin Vassilev made public a few days ago. The first political force announced a freeze on negotiations with the PP-DB, but did not put an end to it.

"The freezing of the negotiations means that they can be unfrozen before they are finally brought to an end. Whether the negotiations will be unfrozen depends on whether there will be an apology to the Bulgarian citizens, the Bulgarian administration, the Bulgarian teachers, officers, out of respect for our partners to Bulgaria and its citizens," specified Maria Gabriel, who was nominated by GERB as a candidate for Prime Minister.

"I have not interrupted the dialogue with Maria Gabriel, and today we talked," said PP-DB Prime Minister candidate Nikolay Denkov a day ago.



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