CEWR checks the quality of heat supply and the prices of heat energy for subscribers of "Sofia District Heating"

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In connection with media publications about high bills of subscribers of "Sofia District Heating" EAD for the month of April 2023, the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation /CEWR, Commission/ informs the following:

In view of the justified public interest in relation to the consumer invoices for the month of April this year, in fulfillment of the powers of the Commission, the chairman of the EWRC Assoc. Ivan Ivanov demanded from the management of "Sofia District Heating" EAD to provide comprehensive information on the quality of the heating services during the period 04.1-04.30.2023.

According to the current regulations, the formation of the monthly invoices of heat energy consumers is beyond the Commission's regulatory powers. It is carried out according to the Methodology for share distribution of heat energy, which is part of the Ordinance on heat supply. The regulatory act was issued by the Ministry of Energy, which is the competent authority for monitoring its compliance.

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 3 of March 21, 2013 on licensing activities in the energy sector, EWRC is the competent authority controlling the quality of heating services provided by companies. The energy company is obliged to supply thermal energy with guaranteed parameters determined by the Heat Supply Quality Indicators adopted by EWRC. At the same time, the powers of the Commission, regulated in the Ordinance on the regulation of heat energy prices, include control over the strict application by heat transmission enterprises of the price of heat energy approved by the Commission for the relevant period.

Within a 3-day period, "Sofia District Heating" EAD must provide the Commission with information with detailed data on the implementation of the Heat Energy Quality Indicators, as well as whether in the invoices issued to customers for the month of April this year the price of thermal energy approved by the Commission on 01.07.2022 has been applied.

After receiving the requested information from "Sofia District Heating" AD, the Commission will prepare an analysis of the situation and will make public the results of the inspection.

We remind you that a day ago the ombudsman requested an inspection of the company because of the high bills.



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