Minister Shishkov: The issued construction permit for the Struma highway junction does not predetermine the choice of a route through the Kresna gorge

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"I met with the protesters today. The protest remains unclear to me because I have issued a building permit and approved a detailed development plan in a small part which in no way prejudges the choice of route. And the fact that there should be a Struma highway in its entirety - I think it is clear to everyone that this should happen." This was said to the media by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Arch. Ivan Shishkov on the occasion of the protest of residents of Kresna and representatives of non-governmental organizations against the construction of the Struma highway at the end of the highway in the direction of Kulata - Sofia.

The minister explained that this was done for several reasons: "One is to show that this problem from AM "Struma" should be finally finished. But this has not predetermined the course in any way," he emphasized again. "What we have issued as a building permit and approved a project is for the part between the roundabout and the highway. Of course, however, this is a clear sign that it must be completed within the framework of environmental legislation and within the framework of the Spatial Planning Act," the minister was emphatic. And he added that the selection of the route should be completed as soon as possible and the project should be approved in order to start the construction of the "Struma" highway in the section, and the main motive for determining a crossing option will be the environmental assessment. Analysis of environmental measures is ongoing. It is expected to be completed within a few months, reported the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

"No one can no longer have the courage to make a decision and move forward. "Struma" should be built and it should be legal, not like the started sections of "Hemus" - illegal, we are doing just that," said Arch. Shishkov.

"The most important thing we managed to do is to leave an opportunity and a horizon for the Struma AM to be completed, because things could have been reset and then we would have had a much bigger problem. Everything that can be done within the framework of the law, we do it," Ivan Shishkov also said.



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